Who We Are

Above Glamour is a web development company dedicated to helping grow local businesses by find new customers, building trust with existing clients and solidifying the online reputation of your brand.  By use of research, social media, on and off site S.E.O. management and commonsense in industry campaigns we move your business forward to achieve its full potential. We have a passion for growing small businesses and exposing the community to all they have to offer.

We would like to give you the very best chance to succeed by using all the tools available to promote your brand. By studying your industry we can focus our efforts to meet your needs, helping you to put your brands best foot forward when reaching new clients and customers. An important part of business is reaching the people and attracting new business and we can help to support that effort by shining a spotlight on you brand’s quality.


SWOT Analysis

Understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses before proceeding toward any goal is just good business practice. We take inventory of your business so we can better represent your message before launch of your marketing plan.

Goal Setting

With set goals and deadlines to reach we can provide a realistic projection for your marketing endeavors and give you more value for your marketing dollar.


With a focus on building your online reputation we can instill recognition and trust in your brand. In so doing leaving a lasting impression on your business long after your first campaign is over and reinforcing future marketing plans and business endeavors.

On-going Consultation

No such thing as one and done in business. Any new projects we embark upon must be analyzed, reviewed, adjusted and improved upon. Changes in your industry must be accounted for to before, during and even after your marketing campaign to provide the best service for your marketing budget.



It comes before profitability. Always! Credibility is the ability to inspire the trust, belief and confidence of others towards your brand based on qualities your customers have observed of your business practices. We believe helping to put your best foot forward in this area is the best first step any business can take and a great misstep in opportunity if it is not.


What does a good screwdriver, headphones for your music and a Google search for your brand have in common? USEFULNESS! They MUST be useful for the people looking for them. When a search brings someone to your site you better believe that person is looking for something specific. It is the job of your website to provide useful content to your client base and we can help. By increasing Search Engine Effectiveness and promoting the quality content surrounding your brand we ensure the confidence your customers will find in returning to it and being ambassadors for it.


Successful Marketing plans must have room for flexibility. New trends arise everyday. Cultures both change and clash. It is important to have a promotional plan that both understands the changing nature of this and accounts for it in their research practices and new campaigns.

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